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 The Mended Drum Guild// A.K.A The Theives Guild

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PostSubject: The Mended Drum Guild// A.K.A The Theives Guild   Mon Nov 17, 2008 11:18 am

Guildmaster: Gray Fox (Gambit)

The Mended Drum, a Guild commonly know as Traders and merchant, individuals but used as a cover for The Theives Guild.
The Thieves Guild is an secret organization for the gathering and training of those stealthy and shadowy in nature. Although criminal by its very definition, the local authorities admins, mods often tolerate the existence of the guild as its presence often greatly decreases, if not eliminates, the more unstable or dangerous criminals.

Like any trade guild, the Thieves Guild is an organization of professionals, except that in this case the professionals are thieves, robbers, pickpockets, smugglers, and other enterprising operators. They don't have public guild halls, but in large towns they do tend to gather at a single location, such as The Theives Guild.

Thieves possess a wide range of skills that allow them to accomplish feats from disarming traps to finding secret doors to smacking a magic item until it works. They are decent in a fight, and if they can strike quickly or unseen — or are flanking an enemy with or without the help of a thoughtful ally — they can be truly deadly. Of course, they also excel at stealth.
The Thiefs are the masters of subterfuge, skilled and cunning adversaries of those who dare not look into the shadows to see what lurks there. Thievery is a profession for those who seek the adventures of stalking, dimly lit halls and heavily guarded strongholds. Using trickery in combat and able to vanish at the slightest distraction, the thief is a welcome addition to any group of adventurers.

Ideal spies, deadly to those they can catch unaware, thiefs have no problem finding a place in the world. Deadly masters of stealth, thiefs are the whispers in shadowy corners and the hooded figures crossing dark fields. Skilled with daggers, hands and covert wepaons and the art of silent death, these vagabonds and bandits skulk about the World seeking targets and profit.
A member of almost any race can learn the tricks necessary to become a skilled Thief. Still, for the large character, such a profession is an alien concept and therefore rare (if not non-existent) among those people thief’s can be found among all races on The World. Whether they are diplomats, spies, thieves, scoundrels, entertainers, or simply adventurers, you can find them plying just about any trade.

For as long as there were dark alleys and needs for dark services, there have been Thiefs, and thus they are one of the oldest professions in 'The World R:2'. Thiefs are a diverse class, and they are typically made up from the dredges of society — cutthroats, pirates, robbers, and low-lifes. The only code Thiefs live by is the contract, and their word is only as good as the money their services are bought for. The diverse aspects of their trade requires thiefs to be well versed in lockpicking, toxicology, rudimentary and brawling. In combat, thieves rely on the element of surprise, and tactics which are regarded by most as vile and cowardly. They are rarely seen entering a fight without weapons laced in poisons and ample supplies of blinding powder. Their attacks concentrate on weak points in the body in an attempt to finish fights brutally and quickly. Thiefs play prominent roles in every aspect of society — albeit, they will rarely be written in history books because their involvements will be largely unknown to the common person, but they are always there, greatly affecting the flow of events from the shadows.

From the high-contract assassin hired in secret by respected characters to the lowly street mugger, thieves are the ones called upon when maintaining the status quo requires a questionable solution — and by fulfilling it, are branded as outcasts by the very society that calls upon their service.

In The World R:2 theives can be free agents, though most prefer to join a guild for safety and ease of employment. Guild Of Thieves are examples of said guilds and other recognized Thief organizations.

Information, Tactics, loot, where to level, skills, talent builds, and more are contained in our "tome of knowledge" that is the Thief’s Guilds many advantages. Everything you could possibly want to know about art of theivery!
Being a member of the Thieves Guild provides you with a number of advantages and useful contacts.

Members of the Thieves Guild are assisted by a designated handler called a Doyen. A Doyen is a lieutenant of the Thieves Guild who will:
• Allocate quests in the form of "special jobs".
• Promote your character after completing quests.
• Identify and enable access to fences.
• Remove any active bounty amounts for half the accrued price.

The first and main advantage is access to fences for selling all your ill-gotten gains! you'll gradually accumulate items that legitimate merchants won't buy. Fences will deal with all kinds of items as well.
You will gain access to fences in a set order as you progress in rank within the Thieves Guild by completing "special jobs" offered to you by your Doyen.
Guild fences are the only merchants that will buy stolen goods, there are actually a few other merchants who will accept stolen goods within the Guilds Contacts.

Without superiors, there are three options:
• although at low mercantile skill has usefulness as a fence is very limited.
• Completing Quild quests questline will allow you to fence items with the some other of the quilds alliances.
• The Thieves Den official Guild master Gambit

Removing Bounties
As a Thieves Guild member you can get your bounty paid off for half price by either Doyen.
• For example, you have a current bounty of 100 gold; you can pay this off as 50 gold to a Doyen.
• If the price to pay off the bounty is an odd number, the Doyen will round it down to the nearest whole number.

At home in the shadows and skilled at disappearing from sight, the Thieves of The World R:2 are most comfortable when acting in the background. Twisting events to their favour, striking only when advantage is greatest: this is where a Thief excels. With their cunning tricks, physical abilities, and mastery of concealment and disguise, Thieves have no trouble finding employment as thieves, cutthroats, spies, and assassins. The Thief is a very involved influence within ‘The world R:2’. Your effectiveness depends on how well you learn to use your skills and your cunning. There is a lot to take in, but players can master and achieve in rank with knowledge and experience.
If fortune favours and shadows guides you, you could possiblely excel Grey Fox himself.

The primary thieve attribute is agility For a Thieve, agility is always preferable to strength.
Many theives attack exploits are compatible with both melee and ranged weapons or other covert weapons.
The Thieves Guild are best suited for players who like to sneak up on enemies and dish out large amounts of burst damage.Thieves are not typically intended to act as front-line tanks, but in a support role can be invaluable while flanking or to finish off wounded foes using their devastating Sneak Attack. A well built thief with the right feats and skills is capable of surpassing many other classes in terms of inflicting damage. Thieves are cunning and nimble and uses deception, diversions and stragedy to overcome there enemies either striking a critical backstab or simply clinging to the shadows avoiding detection for the right time to make off with the loot. Groups often rely on a theif's stealth ability to scout dungeons.

The Thief mixes together melee combat, stealth, and fast speeds to create an impressive fighter that relies on his or her damage above all else. Often times you may find Thiefs hiding within the shadows, leaping out at their opponents, and launching fast successive attacks weapons in each hand. That's right, if there was something similar to a Ninja in ‘The World R:2’ the Thief would be it.

Thieves are deadly but somewhat vulnerable physical combatants. relatively low Hit Points and are proficient with fairly low-damage weapons. What advantages they have rely on high Dexterity, agility and stealth which augments their weapons accuracy, increases agility and dodge rate and missile weapon aim. Ss such thiefs are advised to invest in one or more of these attributes.The bulk of their skills could rely on other atrributes such as Intelligence, or Charisma for other nessary job in the Guild.

One effective way of using thiefs combat abilities is to position him or her in the back of the party, in the shadows at the fringes, or a like position with a bow. Using the hide skill to evade notice, the thief can then sneak attack enemies within thirty feet and, in theory. Outside of combat, however, the thievess role is determined largely by their skill selection. For example, although most thieves disable locks and traps, one thief might be a thug who relies on intimidation, while another might rely on diplomacy.

Quite aside from their combat ability, a thief in is often essential in order to deal with traps, secret doors, and other mechanical contrivances that may impede progress. They can be employed in scouting and intel, persuasion and barter (friendly or otherwise), and with a wealth of skill, Intelligence thiefs can turn their hand to almost anything. Meanwhile, dextrous abilities such as evasion and uncanny dodge, and skills such as stelth, can leave them unscathed in the face of hazards which would cripple a fighter or other conventional tank.

The value of theives lies in the fact that they are versatile in numerous situations, including the cunning circumstances with knowledge and skill other characters may not be equipped to exploit

Stealth- Preventing other players from seeing them unless the thieve is very close and in a straight eye shot in front of them. Stealth can be improved through rank ,talents, items, and skills, both to decrease the chance of being detected. Many theif abilities require stealth, and others require being behind the target, which is often achievable only in stealth.

Stealth is the a major ability a Thief can get. Thiefs have the ability to stealth and become essentially invisible to their level and lower. Stealthed thiefs are detectable through sound and sight though stelth improves dependant on their rank, though when stealthed character will appear translucent. Be aware that higher level characters and mobs can more easily see through your stealth, and it does not take many Ranks to make your stealth worthless. The Thief stealth talent’s feature improves damage of stealth attacks and the accuracy of weapons.

Distractions-Other thief abilities, notably Distractions, interact well with the elements of stealth. Stealth opens up a range of tactics and roles for theifs.

Sneak Attacks-The thief also has the ability to "sneak attack" ("backstab") enemies who are caught off-guard or taken by surprise, inflicting extra damage or critical damage.

Picklocking-This ability allows them to open locked chests, lockboxes, and doors, depending on the thieves rank/skill in lockpicking and the level of the locked object.

pickpocket-Pick Pocket (Requires Stealth)
Pick the target's pocket. You can use this ability to get some free loot off the monster/characters. It does not take away loot that would be normally received when killing the monster. Pick Pocket is a special chance to loot the monster/character. Typically minor amounts of cash or items are found. You can find valuable gems at higher levels. Pickpocket can be used on targets that are in non combat, as long as the thieve remains stealthed and undetected.

This will help you avoid attracting unwanted attention from guards, preventing you from having to go to jail, thereby losing any stolen items you have in your inventory.

All of the thieves guild fences have supplies of lockpicks that you can buy, making them one of the better places to stock up. In addition, there are several unique items that you can only acquire by completing Thieves Guild quests…

Theives Guild Crests- The Crest of the Thieves Guid shared with the elites an item capable of stealing rare items.

Gray Cowl Of Nocturnal
- The vary rare artifact, Gray Cowl of Nocturnal is a Mask that was supposedly stolen from Admins by the Gray Fox at the beginning of The World Game R:2 years ago and certin programes have been modified with the cowl from then. Whoever wears this Mask takes on the identity of the Gray Fox: the wearer's fame, infamy, and bounty all become those of the Gray Fox. Any crimes committed (or good deeds done) are attributed to the Gray Fox, rather than to the character wearing the hood.

Within the World R:2 the masks infinitly changeing programe cameleon include the users hidden presense in The World R:2 meaning, that the masks programes will automaticly deletes all log history enteries, locations, maps, presense and character interactions the user had made with the mask meaning no evident proof that the user with the mask was actully really there. the User wouldnt show up on CC Corperations Files or Presense in location in The World R:2 except for eye witness, The mask is invisible to all computers user serchers and programes.

Though without the mask it is simply impossible to see any connection between the user and the Gray Fox. Signiling out millions of users in 'The World R:2' to just one person is just impossible. The Mask has a blue writing across the inside of the mask that says "Shadow hide out, which refers to the phrase "Shadow hide you", used as a farewell in conversations with members of the Thieves Guild.

• You cannot steal from or attack fellow thieves
• You should not kill pk while doing a Thieves Guild quest brinning unwanted attention to the guild. If anyone involved with the quest dies while a Thieves Guild quest is active (whether at your hands or someone else's), you will have to pay a "Blood Price" as punishment. There is typically a substantial list of players who should not be killed for each quest (often including any guards in the city). Therefore it is advisable to never start a Thieves Guild quest until you are ready to actively work on it; do not get side-tracked by other missions in the area until you have reported back to your Doyen that the quest is complete. The Blood Price is 1000 gold for the death of each player on the list for a given quest. The Guild master may, and often does, cancel this requirement for his own quests, but usually only under certain circumstances

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PostSubject: Re: The Mended Drum Guild// A.K.A The Theives Guild   Mon Nov 17, 2008 11:39 am

Welcome to the thieves guild, a place where every thief, cut throat and swindler gathers to be among their own. No matter which of the criminal professions you follow there is a place in the thieves guild for you. Membership is cheap, a mere 5% cut on every loot fenced, gettin in contact with one of our agents and with it comes many benefits. Very Happy, see Requirements below for more information

As well as being a safe haven from the law the thieves guild provides its members with a place to meet their fellows and exchange information. This opportunity is invaluable to any criminal as the information they find could make the difference between living long happy lives and getting character deletion.

For those criminals that prefer to work together to achieve greater goals the guild provides the chance to meet those people who have similar aims. In any of the guilds many buildings theres always any number of criminals waiting to meet someone to work with or exchange valuable information with their fellows.

Members Rank:








Master Thief (Doyens)

Guild Master (Gray Fox)

The Gray Fox
The Gray Fox is the mysterious leader of the secretive Thieves Guild. Most doubt his existence, and rumors have it that he has existed since the start of The World, Myths say he is able to vanish into thin air, and can turn into a mist to slip underneath locked doors. The identity of the Gray Fox is bestowed upon any person who wears the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal, which was stolen from the Creators Of The World years ago by Emer Darelot (the first Gray Fox). The cowl has since been passed down to subsequent Guild Masters. The cowl is accompanied by a program that strikes the wearer from history, thus preventing the original identity of the Gray Fox from being remembered or revealed.

While initially the main money-making venture of Thieves' Guild members remained theft, albeit under strict guidelines, more recent books show a system of "insurance", whereby people may pay a fee directly to the Guild and therefore become immune to robbery for a specified period.

The Thieves Guild is also is a "necessary evil of The World politics" informents in The World (Informant: people who sell information on how to conquer the game for money) It isn't a direct threat to anyone, but is a resource people use. The information trade business of buying and selling information. most people think the theives guild just theft, but true currency is knowledge. Financial geniues the Theives Guild is adept at moving large sums of money without leaving a paper trail. The Admins say Thieves "doesn't do anything illegal. they just knows all the loopholes.

The Gray Fox appears to be a genius at handling information - all the secrets that are bought and sold seem to even out, and no one ever gets the upper hand the sheer amount of transactions going on and the scales are never tipped one way or the other, meaning the Gray Fox always stays in business. The Gray Fox identity and gender is unknown because the Gray Fox always works through agents.

He is a shady figure in the politics only working through agents.some even believe him to be multiple people working as a singular figure. He is a master at his craft, and information he buys and sells never gives an upper hand to the buyer or seller, guaranteeing his business' stability. Rumors go that the Grey Fox is a whole group of individuals. Otherwise it doesn't seem possible to keep track of all that information and have such a wide sphere of influence.

Requirements: Adept Player in 'The World:2' The Elites, mostly approched by experienced agents of the Guild like shadow foots or Master theifs (doyens) who will judge and test your character through various quests for possible entry into The Guild Of thieves.
  • Guild Extracts a feeble 5% cut on every loot obtained
  • The Thieves Guilds Secrecy STAYS Secret at all cost or matters will be taken to inforce this
Quests Concerning Guild activitys will be distribute by our own very loved Doyens or Guild master

It is generally a good idea to watch out for thieves, as they have been known to kill-steal in the past. They are especially capable of doing such, due in part to there skills in melee combat and their ranged abilities. This is frowned upon within the guild and revered to just low thuggery, and new thieves should do their best to not practice the aforementioned kill-stealing.
Shadows Hide You

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PostSubject: Re: The Mended Drum Guild// A.K.A The Theives Guild   Mon Nov 17, 2008 3:40 pm

Um...the only places for guilds in R:2 are public guild houses called '@home'.
I'm not kidding, that's actually the name of the guild place.
Pretty cool!
I'll have to keep looking this over.

I'm keymaster, and I approve of this message.
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PostSubject: Re: The Mended Drum Guild// A.K.A The Theives Guild   Tue Nov 18, 2008 4:07 pm

yea that right Very Happy i still have to tweak it about a bit. but i was thinking what if my guild had access to lost grounds? and that Rare item that was in HACK// the legend of the twilight its like a house a secret area Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: The Mended Drum Guild// A.K.A The Theives Guild   Tue Nov 18, 2008 6:13 pm

Anyone can go to lost grounds.
But, hidden forbidden bulwark(morrigou barrier wall) is my special hangout!
Just edit to use the guild formation sheet under the rules category.

I'm keymaster, and I approve of this message.
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PostSubject: Re: The Mended Drum Guild// A.K.A The Theives Guild   Wed Nov 19, 2008 7:15 am

Interesting, I wish I was in a guild.
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PostSubject: Re: The Mended Drum Guild// A.K.A The Theives Guild   

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The Mended Drum Guild// A.K.A The Theives Guild
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